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Guadalupe in Cactus

Religion Everywhere is a blog with a simple concept: religion (broadly defined) can be found almost everywhere and plays an important role in contemporary global society.

My name is Sarah “Moxy” Moczygemba, I’m a doctoral student at the University of Florida who focuses on Religion in the Americas-a fancy name for the transnational flows of religious people, traditions, and objects. For me, religion is a central part of our culture, and I find instances of it everywhere. This blog is intended to give me a space to muse on my own personal encounters with religion found outside of spaces people typically consider to serve religious purposes-like churches, temples, and mosques- as well as traditional definitions of the term.

Religion is a charged and often personal topic. Having spent the better part of a decade studying and teaching religion in the classroom, it has become apparent to me that religion is a pervasive cultural force. I approach any exploration of religion keeping that simple fact in mind. Regardless of where you stand on the role of religion and belief in the 21st century, it continues to be a powerful actor in our global culture. I embrace the idea of methodological agnosticism, which means I will make no claims about the core truth of the religious ideas I discuss. In this blog, I will neither be advocating or denouncing religious beliefs. However, I do reserve the right to comment on their larger cultural implications.

In short, this blog is a space for me to muse on religious issues, events, and sightings I encounter in person and on the web. I intend for my thoughts to be generally accessible while still incorporating concepts discussed in religious studies scholarship. This is in hopes of dispelling the notion that these ideas are locked in the so-called “ivory tower” of academic life. I hope to share my passion for religious studies while adding nuance to discussions of religion in popular culture.

Welcome, and I hope you enjoy being on this journey with me.


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